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US is accused of hacking China Snowden claims.

Nostril Domus
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User ID: 9357516
United States
06/23/2013 12:49 AM
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US is accused of hacking China Snowden claims.
Edward Snowden, the former CIA technician who blew the whistle on global surveillance operations, has opened a new front against the US authorities, claiming they hacked into Chinese mobile phone companies to access millions of private text messages.

His latest claims came as US officials, who have filed criminal charges against him, warned Hong Kong to comply with an extradition request or risk complicating diplomatic relations after some of the territory's politicians called for Snowden to be protected.

The latest developments will raise fears that the US's action may have pushed Snowden into the hands of the Chinese, triggering what could be a tense and prolonged diplomatic and legal wrangle between the world's two leading superpowers.

Snowden, whose whereabouts have not been publicly known since he checked out of a Hong Kong hotel on 10 June, was reported by the Chinese media on Saturday to be in a "safe place" in the former British colony.

The 30-year-old intelligence analyst has over the past three weeks leaked a series of documents to the Guardian revealing how US and UK secret services gain access to huge amounts of phone and internet data, raising serious questions about privacy in the internet age.

[link to www.google.com]
Nostril Domus (OP)

User ID: 9357516
United States
06/23/2013 12:50 AM
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Re: US is accused of hacking China Snowden claims.
[link to www.foxnews.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 42158525
06/23/2013 01:48 AM
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Re: US is accused of hacking China Snowden claims.
of course they do and china hacks them.

poor snowden hasn't told anyone anything they didn't already know, except the total stupids.

he is a failed male model, as assange is a failed actor, both desperately seek attention and have targetted the stupids to praise them as heros.

no form of electronic communication ever has been or ever will be totally private, people have and will always listen , watch and hack because they can. every person with half a brain who has ever used it knows damn well it is monitored by multiple groups and individuals.

the guy is simply an attention seeking thief who has betrayed his employers trust, his agency, his country and it's citizens.

he isn't telling anyone anything knew with spying accusations, it is a distraction from his only way out of this, to sell US data to the chinese so they can cross reference to what they have already attained by their hacking and spying actions.

he has gambled on the dumb and sensationalists to glorify his actions. amusingly, he has picked a country to defect to that monitors it's own citizens even more thoroughly than his own.

as everyone is bored with assange, so they soon will be with this fool.

maybe in years to come it is discovered his actual job was to defect and spy on/sabotage china for the US, and all we are seeing now is engineered cover story.


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