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Message Subject Guys! I just saw a Bright ufo California area! Edit: with video!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
100% not joking I did see something in Northern California tonight. I was driving down this hill and saw a large flash of light in the distance, kind of near this loan taller building. The area passed from view as I went down, and behind some trees. I thought it was fireworks, so I turned around and drove back up to the top of the hill to show my family the fireworks. I thought it was early July 4th fireworks. But when we got back to the top of the hill and turned around, there was nothing there at all. No fireworks.

I told them why I turned around as they were quite puzzled (as was this cat I almost hit turning around). We guessed I saw the finale of the show. So we go back down, are weaving our way out of this neighborhood, and then see this bright white (slightly yellow, very slightly) light in the distance through the trees. We were joking that it was a UFO, then I realized that I probably saw the light from the top of the hill. So I decided to try and follow it. As I turned off the normal direction of our route home, we were driving roughly in the direction of the light, it was getting bigger, my child started freaking out. Then all of a sudden it started moving away at a great rate of speed. Not like gone in a flash, but really really fast, like kind of unreasonably fast. My wife thought it was falling because it seemed to be going down, but it was getting smaller and appeared to be dropping as it headed toward the horizon.

I stopped and turned around. No chance of following that!

100% true story.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18835401

Come back tomorrow or next week when you have a video posted.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19138044

I'm not the OP. You'll notice that the OP has a bold OP next to their name. I didn't shoot any video of this. OP asked if anyone in California saw anything tonight. I did. One hell of a coincidence, as I haven't seen anything strange in the sky for some time (About a year and a half ago, did see two crazy purple lights in the distance, doing absolutely crazy maneuvers circling around. Again, my child freaked out. When I got home, I got on google maps because I was going to file a report with Mufon, but I saw that about four miles away in the direction we were looking is a model airplane field :) ).
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