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Weird dream about Jesus n demons

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34965375
United States
06/23/2013 02:10 PM
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Weird dream about Jesus n demons
This was a while back but one part stuck with me like it was yesterday. In my dream, there were sum evil entities. I dont remember if they pissed me off or something since it was a while back, but i started to radio signal Jesus.

Here is the weird thing. First, I have never once in my life heard the name I radioed Jesus with. The only time was in my dream and I radioed his name like Ive been knowing it.

ok wierd thing: I called him Jesu pronounced JAY-SU with an emphasis on the S and the enunciation of U was deep and cut off fast. If u dont get it say Sue like a normal name, then say it again but cut off the pronunciation by half speed.

I was curious to know if anyone has ever heard that name before?

Ive never heard it or even knew i knew that name since my dream.

I tried to google it but google is full of shit

and i didnt call him cuz i was scared. I thrive in nightmarish dreams. Ya im weird like that but so what.