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Message Subject Masonic Bible
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My friend quickly advanced at his new place of work.
 Quoting: War Eagle 41997809

Masonry is about money, not God.

I read a Masonic monitor, and didn't notice much about God.

In fact, it seems that Masons don't want to talk about God much...

I think there is a schism in freemasonry.. inevitably people start feeling their conscience pull at them, and the ones who don't, I gotta pray for them.

I've talked to people and it seems that masonry has been used to control the business world, and keep society divided and things like that.

I would join if they wanted me and if it wasn't a traditional initiation. I have a gut feeling that as soon as I get bound to an oath that's punishable by death if you break it I'll find out something I have to expose. Honestly, I think the cats out of the bag. There don't seem to be many secrets left.

Sometimes, breaking an oath is the right thing to do if you do it for the right reasons.

I've had plenty of dreams about terrible things happening in America, so I have to shout out a warning that America is under judgement.

We have to fix shit asap.

I've kinda lost hope for this country and gotten apathetic because nobody tells me what's going on. I probably don't want to know >_< I've been told that everything is much worse than it seems.

I've been venting emotions a lot lately, too.. sorry for being a jackass.
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