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Message Subject Masonic Bible
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Several years ago I visited a friend who was joining a Masonic lodge, i think his uncle was one. I noticed a small leather bound book that was very old and used, it was titled "Masonic Bible" or the "Mason Bible", I glanced through it and it was the sayings of solomon but not as written in todays Bible. This was a small book, like the old new testament books they use to hand out to troops.

I have searched the internet and no one mentions it, no one. my friend denies it ever happened. But I saw it, and I did read through it, quickly. My friend quickly advanced at his new place of work.

Has anyone else ever seen it? I think my friend took it home from the masonic temple when he was not suppose to. I suspect their are severe penalty's for doing that.

This is not the masonic bible Washington had it was very small and very different.
 Quoting: War Eagle 41997809

Funny, a few years ago I bought one from ebay. I'll have to find it and go thru the Solomon sayings to verify what you wrote but I believe everything was the same except for some added info/text in the beginning of the bible before Genesis.
 Quoting: sleepypoochy

Agreed. I had one until just recently, I gave it to my Mom, but it was the same pretty much word for word, except for an introduction type of thing, with pictures of Solomons temple and such.
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