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Message Subject Israel plays a "Role" the MOVIE 'WORLD WAR Z
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
my review and personal thoughts on the movie world war z
one is.... everyone said it was good go see it
well I have to say scale of one to 10 id say a 5
the effects were cool making the zombies run really fast and making so many of them... yes thats a 10

if you haven't seen the movie you might not wanna read any more I might spoil it for you so stop reading from here..

start of the movie they were showing world news and junk shows... every day things one of the things that stood out was mass dolphin stranding..

how it started... large populations like large cities were doomed.. doomed quickly
I believe Hollywood always lets out some always has some truth to movie... sometimes alot sometimes a smidgin

could it happen? a zombie apocalypse I believe yes it could.. look back to the flu out break way back when it started in Mexico.. if you were reading and watching how that all went down then you know even tho many were effected in Mexico they still kept the boarders open they let people come in to the USA .... even the security that worked the borders were not aloud to wear masks to protect them self...

there was a scientist who was talking on the plane talking how mother nature leaves bread crumbs and wants to be caught and well he called her a bitch
he was sent out to find these bread crumbs... but died quickly cause of his own doing...

took a UN worker to figure it out... but the scientist helped him to know what to look for

Ialso thought it was funny how Israel got brought up and they figured it out to build a giant wall to protect them self and how did the UN worker find this out?
from a CIA agent who was poisoned for selling guns

did you know much of the NSA and anything that gets filtered does go through Israel??? they have the biggest companies who listen... to everything being said...
im about 99% sure of that..... want to know more just look who owns bits and parts of world wide telecommunications

ok... so they figured out SOUND was a problem make alot of noise the zombies come for you
if you were a clean healthy host they came for you
the zombies worked like a disease
later they found out if you had a disease the zombies wouldnt want you or touch you
how did they find that out just so happens the WHO was involved.. just so happens a UN worker ended up at the WHO - World Health Organization = Switzerland [link to en.wikipedia.org]

another thought that came to mind was they wanted to help the soldiers so they would be camouflaged from the zombies...they would have to give them a disease

now if any of you have relatives in the military you know before they are deployed they vaccinate a soldier to the hilt (think about that) nothing new they have been doing that for a LONG time... injecting them with all kinds of things...

the movie ended where they had to burn all the zombies.. they are dead... killing the zombies with a gun or what ever really didn't help they were walking dead...

also.... there are military groups been training for years against zombies... many dont want to believe this but its true...

conclusion.. ha I guess being on a boat in the middle of the ocean was the only safe place to be if a zombie apocalypse started..

[link to www.youtube.com]
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