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So many people have a materialistic idea of happiness!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 42236943
06/24/2013 04:53 AM
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So many people have a materialistic idea of happiness!
"So many people have a materialistic idea of happiness! Even astrologers can be caught up in this way of thinking. When they have to say something about someoneís destiny, they say, for example, ĎOh, itís amazing. You have Jupiter in the second house, the Sun in the tenth house and Venus in the seventh house. You will be rich, influential and lucky in love; it will all be yours.í Whereas, if your birth chart shows squares and oppositions or planets in fall or detriment, theyíll conclude the future has nothing good in store for you. If, however, you present your horoscope to an initiate, he will look to see whether you have a high ideal and are capable of directing all your energy to serving the good. If this is the case, he will predict a magnificent destiny for you, without concerning himself with squares, oppositions or planets in fall, for he knows that you will be able to use your trials and failures to progress spiritually.

Present-day astrologers donít really have this same light, this different way of looking at things. They remain slaves to their ordinary mentality and judge things the way all materialists do. They donít understand that manís happiness depends on his capacity to place everything destiny has given him at the service of his spiritual progress."