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Message Subject Superman Logo: QUANTUM LANGUAGE
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
Like I mentioned , there are two versions in the understanding of the English Language. One is that English is a weaponized language.
The other, that English is a highly evolved language, open to the masses.

In this section we will examine the "weaponized" version.

"The Hebrew word Mitzvoth ("Commandments"), as found in Leviticus 4:27 has the gematria of 576 (12x8x6). One interesting concept is that the Ten Commandments were not "tablets" of stone, but "cubes" of sapphire stone, because the Hebrew word "luhoth" also means, "cubes."
Each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Aleph Beyt is a Cube, or a Building Block forming all that exists. Thusly, the Holy Hebrew Bible contains within it all that exists."

[link to ministerisrael.hubpages.com]

Lets take a look at communication and language.
Animals do not talk like us, yet they can communicate pretty effectively.
Consider an alien who does not have a mouth or ears. Such a race would have no need for a language, because language is created to communicate among beings who are endowed with ears and mouth. They would communicate using telepathy and psychic connections. Would they use sound translations to communicate? Example "BOOOM!" to describe an explosion? I don't think so, They would probably beam an image of an explosion directly into your mind.
This would be the highest form of communication. This is also the language of your dreams. Only thing is since we are born with a mouth and ears, dreams also many contain sounds and words.

Human communication uses sound.(except sign language)Each sound, groups of sounds creates a phrase , or a sound that is either a root word, or has other sounds that combine to use familiar phrases. In the ancient days, pictograms were used to form cetain root words or groups of words, like in ancient Egyptian. Today the oriental languages use character logograms to form the Chinese & Japanese language.
Most of these visual languages like Egyptian, Chinese, Cuneiform, have familiar or the same root connections.
[link to www.citrinitas.com]

Then English came along.
In English, they destroyed the pictograms, the logograms, to create a collection of individual sounds, none of which have any kind of connection to anything . Example B is just a letter. You don't connect it with anything! Same for S. Or D. If I say the word "WORSHIP" , your mind thinks of either a church or a temple etc. It will not focus or calculate the combination of root words that are WOR + SHIP, or WAR + SHIP!. If it did, your mind would immediatly be aware of the dangers of WORSHIP. If your language was clued in to work with root words , your mind would grasp the real inner meaning of the word WORSHIP.
So English has been weaponized, in that it has been broken down to help you along the way to complete DISASSOCIATION! To speak English is to be disassociated with your knowledge accumulated throughout history. We are living in a very in-efficient manner. We are not building upon our past knowledge, instead every baby born is taught a system of communication which completely dissociates it from the legacy of the worlds past.

There's something you should try.
Read the following sentence:
"The streets were all decorated by them and a huge procession wended its way to the convent, led by the archbishop himself commemorating the first heir born to a reigning monarch in three quarters of a century of the hierarchy. "

Most wouldn't notice anything else besides the basic meaning of the sentence. For example, there is the root word "-ARCH" , used in the words monarch, archbishop, & hierarchy. All three are linked by the word 'arch'. Meaning all three have a relation. Monarchies, archbishops and hierarchies are related in some manner. To figure out HOW, you need to be aware of the meaning of the word 'ARCH'. In that sentence, because of the way the English language is designed, your brain does not map out a relation between the three words.
It was designed to do so. You see the English language has been likely weaponized.
Weaponized to break your links to the past, to break your awareness, to break your understanding ofyour own reality.

Simply put, what you are reading, is not what you get. You think you are understanding the words you read, but your subconscious, which is ever open, understands something entirely different. There are two streams coming into your mind. One the base meaning, the other, an underlayer which has more depth and volume, so to speak.

Here is a comparision of a mind map with a neuron.
THis is how our mind learns , grasps and works. Through linked networks!


The language we use should reflect his networking.
And connections don't stop at neural networks within the brain. CONNECTIONS are the way we are LINKED TO THE UNIVERSE!!
Via a network of auric and ethereal energy pathways.


Your brain contains 100 billion neurons and 10,000 times as many connections
The human brain is heralded for its staggering complexity and processing capacity: its hundred billion neurons and several hundred trillion synaptic connections can process and exchange prodigious amounts of information over a distributed neural network in the matter of milliseconds.

[link to theastronomist.fieldofscience.com]

Sadly there are no networks in the broken down alphabets (aleph + beyt) in English. Each letter is isolated. This means our communication is not very efficient, and is not mirroring the way our brains are structured and function!
This is not by accident.

Take a look at what they did with Windows8 below:

See how you have individual boxes , UNCONNECTED? This version was also not connected to any of the previous versions.
•You will see the same programming in the movie TOTAL RECALL (2012) . The scenes in the movie are surreal, most of them in the night time, in dark areas, in the deepest recessess of your mind. The lifts are shown as individual boxes, NOT CONNECTED to each other.
•In the Windows logo the circle represents your mind, and the 4 panes of the window are unconnected boxes.


These three incidences are not individual accidents or co-incidences. but a metaphysical manifestation of intent via human mental programming originating from a singular entity-source using three seemingly un-connected areas of human activity.
In the next post we will take a look at some examples of root words and meanings of words
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