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Message Subject Superman Logo: QUANTUM LANGUAGE
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
The second view of the English language comes from Dennis Fetcho ( [link to illuminatusobservor.blogspot.in] )
He has spent the past 20 years research the English Gematria.

The myths and fairy tales hide the story, and reveal it too just the same. The study of Gematria, and in particular, English Gematria,
provides humanity with a channel to ascertain “the Truth”, and as there is nothing more dangerous to the mountain of lies built upon
this One Basic Truth, hence this Work is directed at the hinge upon the door that keeps open that great house built on lies.
It is with great gratitude and admiration that I marvel at what was accomplished in the creation of the English Language. Contrary to
popular academic belief, what will become clear is that this language enjoyed and spoken by some 690,000,000 truly does tell an
incredible story, a story that has the power to unite, even as those who currently dominate the language seek to use it to tear and
It is time to realize that when Osiris (religion) was to arise again, that this Resurrection would be complete when his “body”, the
Alphabet, was complete and revealed anew. Let us take the truth and lay it firmly upon the mountain of lies.

- Dennis Fetcho

You may like to download some his free pdf's available. Some of them are truly mind-blowing.
Pdf's by Dennis Fetcho can be downloaded here:
[link to icenirising.wordpress.com]

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