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Message Subject Superman Logo: QUANTUM LANGUAGE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Part-2 : The Real World Order (Coming Soon)
Part-3 : The Superman Logo Explained (Coming Soon)


T​his 3 part series hopes to reveal or rather 'unveil'
( APOCALYPSE: APO = away , off. KALUPTEN = cover or veil.
SO APOCALYPSE means to UNCOVER THE VEIL. (not total destruction
) )...some of the real group of people and knowledge that seems to be shrouded under the mists of confusion. You will know who it is who runs this world. Three parts because I wanted three different focus areas.
Part-2 will tell you who it is who runs the world.
Part-3 will attempt to explain the Superman Logo in more depth.

I am on the fence regarding the English language. There are two versions:
1. the view that English is a weaponized language, stripped off all its real ingredients.
2. English as an evolved language that is open to the masses.
Although those are two different versions, which I will present here, one common trait is that, both contain hidden secrets.

Before we examine it though, lets take a look at KAL-El:

From Dennis Fetcho:

The Secret of Superman
Superman is really a code for "higher spiritual man". His chest is emblazoned with a gemstone. That gemstone is a two
dimensional representation of this. How that is so, is another story.
However, what "destroys" "Superman", or a higher developed spiritual mankind is an element called "KRYPTONITE"
The word is obviously crafted. It is an anagramic play.
KRYPTONITE is simply reshuffled to ET-KRYPT-I-ON.
Now that you know the relationship of "n" to 10, and that D's and N's and T's can
be used interchangeably, the T in ET-KRYPT-I-ON is changed to an N, to reveal
Mankinds entire CODE is ENCRYPTED, and it is the lack of an ability to
understand how this is so that prevents mankind from becoming "SUPERMAN",
or a higher spiritually developed creation.
Through learning the nature of how this encryption works, and how it is designed,
mankind is able to elevate himself above the dogmas and creeds that keep it perpetually arrayed in darkness.

Quote from Craig Oxley's post on the David dIcke forum.
To read the original post enter "There's more to Kent than meets the eye" into Google.

" So we have the great egypt.
Which came from Gaelic ireland.
We then have a city in england called KENT.
Who is the grand master of the grand mother lodge of the SCOTTISH RITE?
Yes its the H.R.H. THE DUKE OF KENT , Prince Edward a member of a inner core of the SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA, know as the ORDER OF THE GARTER. Also a member of the Pilgrim Society, yet another hierarchy inner core of the SMOM. Notice those eight pointed SATURN stars linked to this ancient sun?
Why is this you think?
Because KENT is an old name for EGYPT linked to KHENT of UPPER EGYPT where ZION was located as Avaris near Tanis which controlled the Roman empire and linked into Canaan. Now where is the headquarters of the pilgrim society based at since 1998? Well it's right near KENT at Arlington castle. Also notice ANUBIS was known as KHENT-AMENTIU (KENTAMENTI) which means 'foremost of the westerner's'

Who's another kent we know of?

Why it's good old CLARK KENT from SUPERMAN also known as KAL-EL from KRYPTON, where he was born. El is the ancient Canaanite god for the planet SATURN. This has been gone over previously in this thread. SUPERMAN's father is JOR-EL. Notice how Superman wears the RED & BLUE with a little yellow. the RED is the HYSKOS bloodlines of Egypt linked to Horus whilst the BLUE is SET. This is why red and blue are so important in flags and more. The yellow will represent Jupiter presumably. now red is also the color for the planet mars, the god of war. mars alchemy symbol is the male symbol. now what is the weakness of the male? it's the female who overpowers him right? what weakens KAL_EL? it's KRYPTONITE right? Well what color is it? Yes GREEN! Who do we know who's green? Venus of course! Now whats her alchemy symbol? Yes it's the female symbol. Once again it's the generative principle, the HERMAPHRODITE, good and bad, dualism, light and night etc. notice how the statue of liberty is really Venus and she's green? why because it was done on purpose because Venus's element is copper and the statue is made of Copper which turns green with Oxidisation."

 Quoting: abhie

Idol1 Yea you're a real "SharpShooter"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42241187

You tell your "gang" friends to back the fuck off!! Got it?

That goes for you too Mickey.
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