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Message Subject Superman's logo explained
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AMERICA (From Amaraka, meaning "land of the serpents.")

NASHA (An alternative rendering of Nagas. It could be the origin of the word "nation.")

AMARU (An ancient word meaning "serpent.")

AMERICA (From Amaraka, meaning "land of the serpents.")

VOTAN (or Wotan, from Teutonic legends, allegedly the Germanic version of the Norse Odin.)

HERMES (This word means "phallic.")

BRIGHUS (Denotes the holy men of India.)

SHAKTI (The name of the Hindu goddess frequently personified as a serpent.)

NAGADEV (name of Siva, meaning "lord serpent" or "divine serpent.")

CARIBBEAN (From Ka-rib, meaning "serpent.")

SUMERIA (Possibly from the Gaelic Sumaire, meaning "serpent.")

LAKOTA (From a Sioux word meaning "snake.")

HERNE (also known as Cernunnos and Nikor. The prototype of Hermes, Mercury, Thoth, and Jesus.)

DJEDHI (Egyptian term for an ancient sect of serpent priests. This is the origin of the fictional characters, the Jedi.)

BARAKA (Sufi term for the serpent.)

CARNAC / KARNAK (Carnac in Brittany has long been associated with the serpent cults. It features many strange megalithic sites. Karnak in Upper Egypt, is one of Egypt's oldest cities. It features one of the world's most impressive temples, dedicated to Amen Ra.)

PHOENIX (A mythical serpentine bird.)

SEKHMET / SEKHEM (Names that denote the serpent power.)

NEC / NECH (These terms also connote the serpent. The word nech allegedly means "temptation.")

AZOTH (In alchemy this denotes the symbol of the egg and serpent. It also refers to the god Mercury. It is the origin of the phoneme AZT.)

PNEUMA (A Greek word denoting breath and lifeforce that were usually personified as a serpent.)

APEP / APOPHIS (The Egyptian serpent of darkness. This is the origin of terms such as Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Sergeant Pepper, and Pepsid, etc.)

BUTO (Also known as Udjo and Wadjet meaning "green one." The predynastic serpent goddess and patron deity of Lower Egypt. She was closely associated with the cat goddess Bast and with Nekhbet, the vulture goddess and patron of Upper Egypt. Her serpentine image is seen on the head of the god Ra.)

RENENUTET (A cobra formed goddess, almost identical with the goddess Buto, she was worshiped throughout Egypt. Like Buto and Nekhbet, Renenutet symbolized the human soul.)

NEHUSHTAN (The rod Moses changed into a serpent in front of the Pharaoh.)

HYDRA (The demonic serpent of Greek myth. Now the name of a giant serpentine constellation.)

AHRIMAN (The serpentine god of darkness in Persian mythology.)

SHAITAN (The name for the evil one in Persian myth.)

NINE (This word also connotes the serpent, as does the shape of the number.)

NUMBER 18 (is similar in form to the caduceus.)

SPERM (Is curiously serpentine in form.)

the god (Elohim) of this world is a Ancient DRAGON serpentine o reptoids creatures!
The FIRST "Androgym ADAM" of creation
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