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Subject Can a 19 year-old be a 23rd degree freemason?
Poster Handle Wylfdane
Post Content
I was recently at a party, where I found myself in a long religious conversation with a 19 year-old who originally identified himself as a baptist. Later that night after he had more than a few shots of whiskey, he admitted to being a 23rd degree freemason, and tried to recruit me to the organization. (With utter failure.)

Is that even possible? I thought the freemasons usually only accepted older, more well-to-do type individuals. Isn't the 23rd degree kind of high for someone so young? I could use some GLP wisdom on this, as its been occupying a lot of my mind lately. I'd like to know if he's really a freemason, or just some stupid, drunk kid. He was very specific with some of the things he said...
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