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Message Subject Can a 19 year-old be a 23rd degree freemason?
Poster Handle Montblanc
Post Content
It might depend on which country you are, the lodge and rites they follow. As far as I know, here, the requirements for acceptation are the following:
- Being a male and over 18
- To declare the names of your enemies if you have them
- To swear loyalty to the lodge
- To swear to the secrecy of all affairs related to your activities as a mason

It does not say a thing about masonic family members giving some sort of edge on other members. Also I can assuredly tell you that those who say it's easier to climb up by being the son of a high degree member is bs. These societies place the fraternity between members above blood relations and the members aren't allowed to share secrets even among their family members, the only way the sons of high degree members may have some edge his by having some sort of broad guidelines their fathers may provide them providing they do not break any secrecy rules.
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