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Message Subject Dying CIA Agent reveals US Government Alien Contact, Area 51 secrets, black ops and UFO knowledge,
Poster Handle believer
Post Content
My Dad was in the army and navy...I remember seeing a Blue Book Project manual at our house when we were kids. Took it for show and tell I believe.

I also believe this man. As you get closer to death there seems to be a need to let it out, get if off your shoulders.

My dad never talked about any of his years in the service except a few years before he past he wrote about how sad it was all these years later young men (and today woman) still killing each other.

I think he felt used by the government under the idea of USA...all for one and one for all kind of thing and he realized that it's all a lie.

RIP Sir, thank you for your contribution and honesty.
Thinking of you DAD!
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