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Message Subject America is FINISHED = Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet
Poster Handle bornatexan
Post Content
According to the artic research people and a ton of scientist we really are on a desperate time table regarding Earth especially concerning Methane gas.

On this subject that so few know anything about due to lack of media...hmmm...I had a dream. Several months back while reading about EMP boms and then learning all about it and also bout that time I stumbled on chem trails, climate change and finally The Artic Methane Group. SO hete is where my dteam happens...the bits and pieces I remember.
The News was on TV was giving important message saying an EMP was coming. They said East Coast and I remember some states names Georgua, Michigan and other areas around the world later. It did not make sense to be in the dream but I suddenly somehow knew it was no accident so started preparing and then woke up.
I have thought of that dream a lot.

My gut says abd my mind says....if earth's climate change is becoming ominous and we must make changes fast which areas of the earth and which people are going to be the first if any to give in and make a dradtic expensive change. Every scientist abd agency involved have been begging everyone. NO ONE WILL WILLINGLY BUT...

What if the dogs tail has been wagged and man- made but called "act of God" natural solar catastrophic event causes power grid destruction and all the pollution instantly stops for say 2 years. :( Or may be a a few EMP bombs are launched from well placed, well planned, and very well monitored and the targets are well thought out. Then of course there is retaliation which is well thought out to include all major huge earth polluters. OR maybe its just from massive selective solar storms!

Well what quicker way to solve a problem. It is expensive either way but one way wipes the slate clean and side effect is decrease population, Obama's Presidential extension, and Martial law.

The benefit: Earth gets time to heal. Speaking of an Act of God...I know he knows everything and he is the universe and I also know our thoughts can change the molecular structure of water and Ai also know the we and the Earth pretty much have the same percentage of water soooo can our thoughts change us?

Sincerely, Bornatexan girl. rose


Well, President Obama has given his speech so that should get some people googling what we googled already.

Arctic Methane Emergency Group shared a link .Jun 11 · "The Arctic is critical to understanding global climate," he said. "Climate change is already happening in the Arctic, faster than its ecosystems can adapt. Looking at the Arctic is like looking at the canary in the coal mine for the entire Earth system." Read more at:  [link to phys.org] Is a sleeping climate giant stirring in the Arctic?

[link to m.facebook.com]

[link to fbcdn-photos-c-a.akamaihd.net (secure)]

[link to www.icecap.us] [link to ecowatch.com]

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