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Message Subject America is FINISHED = Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet
Poster Handle JustThink
Post Content
This is one reason I'm glad I voted for him.
 Quoting: krosty

I feel sorry for people like you because you do not know what you are signing up for... It's the death sentence for the majority of us.
 Quoting: Question EVERYTHING

he's just talking about cutting down on pollution. you guys hate him so much you even say that THAT is bad. yes, he is a terrible president, but this just doesn't seem pin-worthy. next you will be criticizing how he farts. give it a rest or DO something about it. whining gets you nowhere
 Quoting: JustThink

faggotyleft <<<< you?
 Quoting: davvi

i didnt vote for obama. but i love how much hate your filled with. im sure it ruins your pathetic little life. if you want to stop being a worthless piece of shit, i would recommend you looking up the definition of the word "perspective". you're so fucking stupid.
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