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Message Subject America is FINISHED = Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet
Poster Handle CriticalThinking
Post Content
Guys, come on. R and D really doesn't matter. We all know that.

As for emissions.... I live in an area surrounded by plants.

These plants in the past 8-10 years have been bending over backwards to fit new upgrades for emissions standards into their budgets and properties(upgrades require land).

Sad thing is, these plants do NOT put off as much as "they" would like to scare people into thinking.

What about these wildfires we get yearly now? The atmospheric heating from them can be felt multiple states down wind. The smoke from them creates a blanket that covers multiple states downwind.

Yet still, lets pass legislation (passed by both R and D) that hinders power plants capability to run at all. Let's cut jobs for more than JUST these plant workers to help "reduce emissions". PSH!

How about we pass legislation that CREATES jobs? Screw the enviro-nuts, they can't have it both ways. "Oh save the forest", "Cut emissions!". Yet because of them, proposed plans to deforest were squashed.

Now we have fires that once sparked burn out of control causing MUCH more damage to homes and cabins (which release toxic fumes from the building materials.). How to prevent this? Hmmmmm....

Oh yeah! CREATE jobs, deforest the dead trees! And instead of worrying about the emissions from plants (which has ALREADY been reduced) we can worry about Radiation from Fukishima or the LA sinkhole or some other REAL environmental problem.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for "helping" as much as I can to better the planet we live on. But we as a people focus FAR to much attention on the wrong issues.

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