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Message Subject America is FINISHED = Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet
Poster Handle Question EVERYTHING
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You ppl are 'living in the past'.


My personal opinion is that Obama has been at least briefed on LENR+ (possibly via Navy or Nasa), however, he will not likely be the one to break the news for a few reasons:

1. Career suicide. When LENR hits the mainstream understanding, it will be chaos on the markets with lots of market cap, power and jobs lost in the short-medium term. Why be the one to drop the bomb and cause that chaos and get the blame for the crash. And most (e.g. all Repubs) will say he has lost his mind, cold fusion??? wtf. What does he have to gain really in the short term vs a lot to lose? Just let it play out while laying the groundwork quietly in the background. (e.g push CHP, carbon caps, stall fission, etc)

2. He knows it will take longer to implement globally than most of us want, it always does. There is likely a 10-20 year implementation phase to fully implement LENR+ across the USA/world and we will be dependent on existing sources during that time. (ng, coal especially)

3. The implications of LENR+ are just too unprecedented to fully take in and accept as fact. There have been lots of promised tech and energy breakthroughs, but how many have really been the 100+ year gamechangers. Nearly all things promised dont turn out to be as big as the claims (even though I personally believe LENR+ will be bigger)

4. If he really does know, why tip your hand to all the other nations? Let the Navy, Nasa, etc work in the background to get a sizable lead, especially given the ramifications it has to warfare/weaponry.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42328139

I would agree with you on this statement and I don't think Obama is a dumb person. I think he has a plan that was given to him by his masters. The problem is, to implement it will take so long and be so painful for most that it's going to be a very bad situation.

And let's face it, his hopes of being a Great President are pretty much over because he will go down as the biggest turd in history with all the scandal surrounding his administration. Why not implement something wildly unpopular?

I work in a industry that had a sector that was producing solar panels until the government funding ended and China flooded the market with cheap panels. Ultimately the problem resides around the governments of the world really not wanting people to be off the grid. We could actively really reduce pollution by getting everyone to put solar panels on their homes for very cheap and reduce the need for electricity to be given to us... But they really don't want that... For us to be off the grid creates free thinkers and uncontrollable subjects...

I think this is part of a bigger agenda...one that requires not as many of us to be around to see it...

[link to www.wired.com]

There is no question that we are on the verge of many great things regarding human/computer evolution... And the issue is, that in order to go "Green" it destroys 2 to 3 jobs for every 1 job it creates... That really leave a big hole of people that have no jobs.

Good post BTW
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