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Message Subject America is FINISHED = Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
More bullshit....

Obama mocks skeptics of climate change as ‘flat-Earth society’

Read more: [link to thehill.com]
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President Obama angrily blasted climate change skeptics during his energy policy speech Tuesday at Georgetown University, saying he lacked "patience for anyone who denies that this problem is real."

"We don't have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society," Obama said. "Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it's not going to protect you from the coming storm."

Earlier in his remarks, Obama said the "overwhelming judgement of science, of chemistry, of physics, and millions of measurements" put "to rest" questions about pollution affecting the environment.

Read more: [link to thehill.com]
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 Quoting: Question EVERYTHING

TRANSLATION: Obama's Dark Masters have perfected their HAARP weapon, and will be pointing it at YOUR neighborhood unless and until you present him with lots and lots of your MONEY!!!!

Of course you won't be feeling the yoke of all of these additional regulations yet, because half the country is out of work (and he'll be working diligently on eliminating the employment of the other half). But once they are in place, then the economy will be allowed to begin growing again. Only of course your potential paycheck (at least the part which YOU get to have) will be exponentially reduced because of all the additional deductions for Obamacare, Carbon Taxes, etc.

Oh, and have a great summer. Enjoy your air conditioning while you still can, and stock up on lots of blankets for the upcoming winter when your heat will be curtailed. Sure, a lot of old geezers will freeze to death this winter (or roast to death next summer) but hey, more for US, right?
 Quoting: Eggcellent

"The Purge"... anyone??
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