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Message Subject America is FINISHED = Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet
Poster Handle Soma/Comatose
Post Content
I am not going to read through all the reich wingnut bullshittery here, but the fact is that natural gas is cheaper and replacing coal. It is a win win, and Obama is going to claim credit even though he had nothing to do with it.
Now back to the Glen Beck retard posts about destroying the country. F#ck you people are pathetic dolts.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36119557

First, Anonymous Coward 36119557... please do the following: go directly to your nearest mental health facility and check yourself in.

Request, no.... DEMAND THORAZINE. It works.

Don't forget to get the rubber room and the nice warm coat with really long sleeves.

Second, natural gas is cheaper NOW... but as soon as TPTB figure out that everyone is going to want it and/or need it, the price will quadruple and then we are right back where we started. So your argument is completely moot at this point.

Better go check yourself in now!

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