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Message Subject America is FINISHED = Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet
Poster Handle Question EVERYTHING
Post Content
I am completely mystified at how Obama supporters continue to stand by him even though the facts are that he LIES to them continually and uses falsified information to push his agendas... Knowing full well that this will enslave generations to come. I am all for doing things more intellegently and to be less impact to the rest of the world... But, when it's forced upon us and not enforced on anyone else, I take issue. And this is really about funding the NWO which will be run through the UN just as papa Bush said it would be... This is far larger than what is being written in this story because most of us are looking too narrowly at what is being written here.

I seem to remember that when the 2009 Sustainablity Summit happened, it was Americans that were going to pay for all of the carbon taxes of the rest of the world because we were the biggest polluters for so many years.... And Obama was going to sign us onto it knowing full well that it would completely cripple America and that it was only about sucking the wealth out of this country.

To pass laws exectutively without congressional approval is treasonous and then to have it based on false data is just over the top...
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