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Message Subject America is FINISHED = Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet
Poster Handle bornatexan
Post Content
I'm pinning this.

I've never seen corruption like this in my lifetime.

Our governments do NOT represent us.

Call your representatives. Call your senators. Tell them how pissed you are! News flash - they don't give a flying FUCK at a donut in the dark about you. They got into the game to make money and to get power. Insider trading? Hell yah! What was that pinned thread yesterday about two worthless Eurozone politicians that checked in for 300 Euros a day to do nothing!

This is our world.

The productive members of society are being shit on day after day. We have no functional government. We pander to the dregs of society who contribute nothing toward the evolution of mankind. We're infiltrated by Islamic militants who receive endless benefits at our expense! We have NO leaders that represent anything that is good and patriotic. Only psychopaths hellbent on getting the most power they possibly can while dancing on the backs of the bruised if I can steal a line from NIN.

Now what the hell do we do?

Anyone have any solutions? Riots? What will it take to make these degenerates listen to us? Is there any hope left? Will any vestige of what is left of humanity go down into the sewers?
 Quoting: calx

Thank you for your passion. Im just wondering which coruption part got the Pin: The keeping us citizens from knowing about the artic methane release, or that congress is allowed to do insider trading or that Obama is starting to introduce milimeter by milimeter earths melting artic and the methane release too slow or is it that they are and have built lots of underground living for all the important people and used our money to do it...just wondering what part gets to you? Under Denver airport is the best one and it can run for years via nuclear power plant to provide electricity for there with no help and littlle maintenance so I hear. Anyways, wish I could build me an underground house for me and my family. I have a dream house I saw in Idaho I would live...completely self sufficient...the only thing it can not do is pay for itself lol.

Our souls will be fine no matter what.peace
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