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Message Subject America is FINISHED = Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet
Poster Handle ceawaves
Post Content
Um don't the Planet/plants need 'emissions' to breathe?

He needs to try an save the something of country before he takes on more grander things.. he record ain't been to good so far..
It's nothing but slavery...masked as a 'savior.'
And NO i'm not a fan of pollution...not even about that,it's only about money..more money...he said he would shut down the coal mines, increase costs to where it would be so high one could barely pay for it.
 Quoting: ceawaves

The Gulf of Mexico around Texas is full of PCB's and dioxin because chemical plants and refineries said they couldn't afford the cost to properly store or dispose of the waste. When rules came online governing the storage and disposal of said waste many people said it would cost people their jobs and that it would hurt the US economy.

Some parts of the coast are so saturated with PCB's they think it will take hundreds of years for it to be gone. Dioxin is not much better.

[link to www.epa.gov]

[link to www.epa.gov]
 Quoting: luridanimus

That still does not change the fact that it's really only about the money.. Hitler was the first 'Green' Fascist.
 Quoting: ceawaves

Isn't that what I said?
 Quoting: luridanimus

Don't know i didn't read your links.. but heard yesterday 0's down there having his green gestapo to blow up existing oil rigs... killing millions of fish that have made them into their homes/reefs... telling you people.. they want to turn the gulf into one huge government ran fishery operation.. where there's those cages and they farm the fish, like in Japan..They're also doing this because he's shutting down all the american ran oil rigs in the gulf, unless it's a foreign country with the drilling rights, tried last night to find more info about all this.. and went to the epa site, bty: used to visit there a lot, and knew how to maneuver around the site pretty good, used to look up permits/violations all kinds of things.. now whole sites seems to have changed, except for their 'cover page' and appears they're using outdated data now, like from the late 80's 90's and early 2009, last update was like 2010.. whole thing was seemed very strange to me...i did how ever find a whole new agency, that i had never heard of before, and i've been there several times since 2010..pretty sure all this has been redone since very recently: [link to www.bsee.gov]

Some person taped them blowing up these rigs and this was reported on a local news station down there, looked for it last night but couldn't find the news clip, someone informed me about all this going on last night, about them going out there blowing up the rigs.. this has never happened before that's i've know of, the used to cap them and that was it, because sometimes they go back an retap the well..apparently there's going to be no more of that..my main concern is them killing the fish that are living on those rigs now, could be 10 of thousands=millions on these old rigs.. yet they have strict controls on what/when sport fishers are allowed to catch these same fish they're blowing apart.
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