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Message Subject How is Obama getting away with all his wrong doing?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Obama is the result of 30+ years of legislated political correctness and racial guilt

Don't like his policies - you are racists

Don't like his appointments - you are racist, sexist, anti-lgbt

Question why we are having secret wars in the mideast - you are racist, xenophobic,

The media (overall) hated Bush & Cheney sd they got his back. Look at the low ratings for TV news, the drops in newspaper circulation. Many people are completely uninformed; if the Kardashians aren't talking about it , it's not important. I know plenty of people who say "I don't watch/ read /listen to the news, it's too depressing.

People are blind to the faults of "their guy"
About 5 years ago I was listening to Glenn Beck on his Fox show and he said (paraphrased) He was actually glad that Obama had won because Obama and McCain agreed on almost everything and if McCain had been elected and enacted the same policies the Republicans would have backed their guy.

People are just fed up. I have learned that contacting my congressman and senators is about as effective as teaching a pig to sing. They either reply with platitudes, they reply to a different issue (hilarious) or they don't even know what you are talking about. I called my Senator's office about Benghazi in November and the people I talked to replied that "he didn't have a statement for the press" I said "I'm not the press I am a constituent" They were baffled.

People are scared. We've seen people die under mysterious circumstances, or be shot during questioning. We've seen cities locked down. We've seen the IRS used to silence people. We've seen the government used as a club to stop dissenters

People are dependent. When 1 in 6 are on food stamps and you need you unemployment extension you aren't going to rock the boat
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