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Message Subject How is Obama getting away with all his wrong doing?
Poster Handle grimmlord
Post Content
It's like if he ignores yous or smiles/laughs about the situation everyone just lets him go. I cannot fucking understand it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42357972

if you study darth obama's maternal lineage ,
then you would discover that obama is part of
the "ownership" layer of the illuminati (e.g. , rothschild)
as opposed to "management" layer (e.g. , kissinger or
cheney) .

in addition to his RH negative blood which marks him as
a direct descendent of a fallen angel , darth obama's
blood also possesses the AB "christ" genetic upgrade
package marker (human 2.0) .

those who are clued into the what and the why obama is
special , know not to cross him .

those who are ignorant and move against obama because
they perceive him to be weak and stupid , perish .

so .

to simplify thinks for the layman in non-technical terms :

darth obama may be the sith lord we are looking for ...
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