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Message Subject So many riots and clashes in so many countries. Did you noticed that?
Poster Handle Ger_reG
Post Content
Guess there are far more, Bahrain e.g. is ongoing for a looong time, but there are countrys we don't care about. I think clashes and riots are as old as humans are.

And let me add that the riots in China where a local and long ongoing conflict between two different groups. So they are nothing new.
 Quoting: Ger_reG

Well, even so, a riot is a riot, localized or widespread. The fact is, there are so many at the same time.
 Quoting: MaybeTrollingU

Can you show some of this facts? Do you know that 10 years ago there wasn't a period where many riots happend? Don't get me wrong, just want to say that i have also the feeling there are more riots but i can not proof it so it's just a feeling like people have very often (more eq's, more violence, etc than 10 years ago..)
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