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about MASONIC SIMBOLOGY being supermainstreamed nowadays (dwell onto deepwabs)

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 42392671
06/27/2013 03:31 AM
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about MASONIC SIMBOLOGY being supermainstreamed nowadays (dwell onto deepwabs)
lots of "forums" in the oniondeepnat, and @ the subject symbology mainstreamed they say it's not about direct control:

place simbolic seeds so the future generations seek the ways of the masons, deciphering and connecting the dots, and therefore "reanimate" the cult

they will erase all of our minds with red

so they are placing "easy" readings everywhere, so they can preserve the reptilian "woken" mind when stumbling upon them again and again, opposed to the natural "sleepy" reptilian mind (and the true one connected to the system/mother nature) we all share and

ight -this time they know families won't matter, it will all be pure luck and they know the solution works not for the bloodline but for the "khabala" concept that places them in society, unless we erase the material and virtual "khabala" before our collective mind gets restarted.

any threads w/ this subject in glp ppl? please link