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Message Subject Woops! Obama Ordered Gun Report Reveals Guns Actually Save Lives
Poster Handle eekers
Post Content

no. but then again I live in Florida.
 Quoting: eekers

Here's a couple links you might be interested in.

[link to selfdefenseflorida.com]

[link to www.theblaze.com]

And there were a couple in Texas and Arizona lately
 Quoting: Dinkytuff

Well right off the bat, in the Blaze article, "For the second time this week, a gun owner is under investigation for shooting at a criminal who unlawfully invaded his property."

You can't "shoot at" people after giving them warnings. One of the first things you learn in a CCW class is that you only use your firearm if your life is in danger, not to scare people off. People should know their rights under the law and do what they have to do to protect themselves. If the guy was in trouble for this before the same week, maybe he's just gun-happy.

I learned that you are ok to shoot if your life or someone else's life is in danger, like if someone is lunging at you or your kid with a knife. That's justified. But you can't off people for stealing things out of your car, no matter how much they deserve it.

If someone breaks into your home, you can shoot them, especially if you see them reaching for something. They could be pulling a gun on you and they obviously have no right to be there. As far as the electrician pulling a knife on me, like in that self defense FL example, yes, he is invited into the home to work but I'll be damned if he's gonna stab me, he's getting shot. And yes, I always carry, even when I'm in my home, especially if people are going to be coming in to work-- pest control, roofers, maintenance people, you name it. you never know.
 Quoting: eekers

I agree with you to an extent. The difference being we all have different instances that can make us feel threatened. while you might be ok till some one comes after you, I might feel threatened as soon as someone enters my property.. I too took the cc class. And like a guy in there said I'd rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6.

The man in the article was 84 years old. He was probably scared shitless. The elderly are targeted a lot.
He did what he felt he had to do to protect himself.
 Quoting: Dinkytuff

Oh, no doubt, I, too would feel threatened if someone comes into my yard, I'm just not shooting until he tries to come inside the house, but you bet I'll have my weapon out. It's just that the article said the old man shot at the guy for taking stuff out of his car, which is a no-no under the law.
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