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Message Subject Woops! Obama Ordered Gun Report Reveals Guns Actually Save Lives
Poster Handle van down by the river
Post Content
didn't Ronald Reagan order a report on the effects of Marijuana and it came back as more beneficial than harmful?

I'm sure Obama will go the Reagan route and ignore so he can continue trumping american rights
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42363786

beneficial if your idea of good citizens is stoners...

like me, Reagan thought the human should be in possession of their faculties,

not drugged.
 Quoting: beeches

Yet big pharma has flourished with a culture of stuffing pills into so many mouths. How many drugged teens or any other drugged person fared on the massive amounts of opiates big pharma has handed out like pez to them? I'll bet you'll find more funerals from big pharma opiate overdoses whether they were prescribed or not. With your line of thinking, you'd be surprised at the amount of "professional" people you've dealt with that are high on opiates and just about ready to lose everything because of their legal or not opiate abuse. You would be even more surprised at the amount of "professional" people you've dealt with that use cannabis on a regular basis. I figure you just picture the 70's long hair stoner or the goofballs that the news loves to cover at Hempfest fairs too. You should find out how many republicans AND democrats have millions wrapped up in big pharma stocks too. You sound like most of my 60 yr old and up relatives and what they still believe...by believing that the government has your best interests at heart. Look at how many leave their official positions as millionaires while much of the rest of us have floundered over the decades. Just reading what they've done to yours/ours Social Security plan should give you an idea of what they care about. Sooooo...stop promoting and spreading lies from people that don't give a rats ass about you or your family. It's shameful and really embarrassing.

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