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Message Subject Obama: US won't send fighter jets to intercept Snowden
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He's fiddling while proverbial Rome burns.

Most people would have had to clean up the work on their desks before going on vacation.

Let's see..IRS, Benghazi, Snowden....all unsettled and up in the air and OBummer goes on vacation.

I00 million dollars of tax payer money...

He could care less about Snowden or anything else going on. For him it's party, party!
 Quoting: CuriosityCat1

Have you noticed how the IRS thing has just gone away? And forget Benghazi, that never happened...
 Quoting: davvi

I know it appears to have gone away..but for those of us who were hassled by the IRS for our beliefs it will never go away. I have a file on my desk that grows larger each day.

This file is full of email from others telling their horror stories, among other important documentation..

But you are right..this BS has conveniently taken the heat off temporarilly.
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