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Message Subject Obama: US won't send fighter jets to intercept Snowden
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Political reverse psychology here so that the Neo-conned gatekeepers can say "see we told you so", "Snowden is as much a traitor as Obama".....thinking it obvious in the minds of the sheeple that if Obama doesn't go after Snowden, he must be in agreement with his actions and busy passing secrets to the Chinese and Russians etc. (of which there is no substantial proof as yet). Thus helping to rationalize the police state being used against WE the people.

The games we play.

Disclosing the depths of NSA intrusion into our private lives is one thing. Passing secret technology and operational plans to our enemies is quite another.

Snowden is accused of doing the one and not the other. Hardly a reason to call him a "traitor".
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