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Message Subject Obama: US won't send fighter jets to intercept Snowden
Poster Handle Eggcellent
Post Content
Snowden would have never lived long enough to do the interview with the press, if he didn't have extremely damaging material, documents and evidence being held by trusted people who will go public with ALL of it if anything happens to him.

THAT is why he will not be intercepted, droned, suicided, the victim of an accident, etc.

If they can hunt down and eliminate everything and all loose ends, then there is no safe place on the planet for him.

It's a stalemate for now...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25431295

Every day this goes on we are one step closer to learning the real reason Snowden was sent into the NSA...

Regardless of how OBummer tries to cover up the pile of "do do" in the litter box...he is secretly trying to do whatever it takes to shut Snowden up!
 Quoting: CuriosityCat1

The only reason he hasn't revealed everything is because that is all that is keeping him safe now.

The next move the covert agents will likely consider is to capture and detain a loved one of Snowden, then threaten to harm them if he doesn't give up everything and everyone involved, then turn himself in and face the criminal charges... They may not go there, but it is possible now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25431295

Well, they already trotted out his Father trying to talk him into returning to the States and face court, prison, (execution if Obama gets HIS way, no doubt). Then they thoroughly examined his ballet dancer/pole dancer girlfriend. Snowden must have figured that this would happen before he made his move, and doesn't appear to be falling for it so far.
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