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Message Subject Obama: US won't send fighter jets to intercept Snowden
Poster Handle Bluebird
Post Content
Obama already has been made a fool of by the Russians and the Chinese any attempt to intercept Snowden and failing would only make Obama seem even more worthless.

Obama is better off pandering to gays and lesbians, somehow it suits him better than trying to be a real leader.
 Quoting: davvi

True that ^^^

He is so completely incompetent.

Dog eating, vay-cay-shuner in chief.
 Quoting: Lady Jane Smith


Yes, he has bragged about eating dog.

Got to be yet another first for a POTUS.

And did anybody seriously suggest he "intercept" a commercial airliner? Isn't that an act of war in itself?

He's too busy on his 8th vacation this year, the $100 million one to be bothered by all this so guess Snowden is safe until he gets back.

Then he will prolly drone him.

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