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Message Subject Insane Illuminati Message During MLB Game (Live TV) Must See!
Poster Handle goldielucks
Post Content
Well well, looks like MLB is at it again. Not surprised after what I witnessed a few weeks ago.

I'm a season ticket holder for the Tigers. I arrived 2 hours early for the game and went to a bar across from the stadium. There were 2 guys sitting there. One got up to leave and the front of his black shirt said GOATWHORE and underneath was the pentagram with satan in it. The back of it in big block white capital lettering said, "who needs god when you've got satan" (t upside down to invert the cross).

After my horror we cash out and go on to the game. It's now the 6th inning and suddenly in-between plays the cameraman zoomed in on the guys face I had seen in the bar with his satan shirt displaying him on the jumbotron to a practically sold out game. We could not believe it! The cameraman seen the back of his shirt and deliberately focused on him in the 6th inning. 44,000 people watching the game had no idea what his shirt said. In disgust, we left the game not wanting to return to the stadium that's inundated us with advertisements and honor to satan hidden in plain sight.

Pure evil is running the planet. Time is short...
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