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Message Subject Insane Illuminati Message During MLB Game (Live TV) Must See!
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
Some of them are, like the inverted pentagram is Satanis symbol. Other are ancient pagan symbols. The biggest one is a mockery of Jesus with a serpent on a cross. Others symbolize different secret societies, like the symbol of lily is Priory of Sion, there are Freemasons, Satanists etc. I'm right now searching for the meanings.
 Quoting: shyrlymyrly

I think that symbol is older than you might imagine and thus would carry a different meaning. Here is what I could find based on a quick search:

[link to wiki.answers.com]

The cross with the snake on it has many meanings, ranging from the staff of Aesculapius or Hermes' caduceus, which represent healing, and messengers respectively, to the asherah pole the biblical old testament god ordered the Israelites to build while wandering around the desert in order to be saved from snakes. All these variations of snakes on poles or crosses represent healing, as both Aesculapius and Hermes, or Mercury, were the gods of healing in ancient Greek and Roman pantheons

The crucified snake, also known as the Flamel, or the staff of Flamel in alchemical circles follows this meaning, but in mystical terms. The snake in alchemy represents poison, so the crucified snake represents removing the volatile aspects of the potion the alchemist was working with in order to create the fabled "elixir of mercury" also known as the elixir of long life, or immortality. In alchemy, though, all the material tools are symbolic of oneself, so the poison is actually the base and animalistic instincts of oneself that as an alchemist one must remove, or "crucify", in order to accomplish The Great Work


I didn't mean the pharmaceutical symbols but the big one in the center where serpent looks like a question mark and is from Nicholas Flamel. And it comes after Christianity, and it is mockery of Jesus.
 Quoting: shyrlymyrly

We're talking about the same symbol. I don't think you read what I shared, it's in reference to the 'cross with the snake'. Ties to ancient Greece/Rome symbology, even the alchemical meaning - they all pertain to HEALING. The 'flamel' alchemical meaning is explained in my post too and it's not what you say it is.

You have to remember that the symbol of the cross predates christianity. Same with the use of snake/serpent symbology.

Here is another link with slightly more info:

[link to worldsymbols.blogspot.com]
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