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Message Subject Insane Illuminati Message During MLB Game (Live TV) Must See!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In the Novel Series "Left Behind", which is about the rise of the New World Order under the One World Ruler who brings about The End times...

Chicago is the first and only American City to be bombed and nuked by the One World Government for protesting the rise of the New World Order under the leadership of the One World Ruler...

Only later in the book series, its revealed that Chicago was never actually nuked, that the New World Order Government had faked the nuking of Chicago to use it as a secret base of operations in North America...

Everyone believed that Chicago was nuked, and so everyone stayed away from the city, until the "heros" of the book series discover the truth and establish a secret base for themselves there...


In 2012, Chicago is portrayed as the target city of the Decepticon Invasion in the Transformers Movie, Dark of the Moon.... hordes of monstorous Decepticons invade through a Space Bridge built by Sentinel Prime.... and invade and quicklyt sieze full control of Chicago and very nearly destroy the entire city in the process.


Chicago in 2012 was the test site for Martial Law during a big NATO Summit, during which all the worlds leaders descended on Chicago and international police and military forces moved into Chicago by the bus loads to take over the city during the Summit!

Now this Tattoo card shows up on a TV screen in the middle of a Chicago Cubs game with a damaged baseball in the background and other baseballs flying around it...

OMGz! I know the meaning!!

The giant Base Ball of Doom is going to fall out of the sky on July 4th and it will land on Trump Tower and kill Donald Trump!! Trumps death will be the signal to destroy corporate America by Communist Invasion (the hammer and sickle) to re-establish communist control over the world and all our cities will be governed by Liberal Left Wing Jim Carrey Clones all wearing pink tutu's!!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37936964

Chicago IS ALSO home to Lou Malnati's pizza!!
[link to www.loumalnatis.com]

Coincidence?!? I think not!
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