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Message Subject Insane Illuminati Message During MLB Game (Live TV) Must See!
Poster Handle Balloons
Post Content
Yes a prank, now gone viral on the conspiracy sites, good way to know what sites are total bullshit if you search abit.

But then again the symbols are interesting, as they form a greater picture of the overall meaning of the Cross and all related figures.

They did not show that on a live game no, he clipped that in

 Quoting: Balloons

And where is your proof?
 Quoting: shyrlymyrly

The only place there is info about this is on the conspiracy sites, you think everyday people would not talk about this if that happened?
You think the msm would not appoligise for this to their partners that pays millions for advertising?

It obviusly fake
But i gues its faked because that was the only way to get you guys to study those symbols more in details, the means and the goals etc.
What i dont like is the commen denominator saying ohh all the symbols are satan worship, same old horseshit
Atheism FAIL haha
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