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Message Subject Insane Illuminati Message During MLB Game (Live TV) Must See!
Poster Handle shyrlymyrly
Post Content
Are you seriously that retarded? It described the symbol of Hermes and it's not a snake on the cross, Google it.
[link to upload.wikimedia.org]
This is Hermes symbol and yes, on your link it talked about Hermes, but it's NOT a cross. The Flamel invented the cross with a snake shaping a question mark.
[link to images2.wikia.nocookie.net]
This is Flamel symbol that he created. Two totally different symbols.
You're not making any sense.
 Quoting: shyrlymyrly

Oh FFS, the snake, the cross, the wings, the crown are all part of the SAME SYMBOL used by Flamel.

YOU were the one who claimed that it was a symbol designed to 'mock Jesus & Christianity' and you have repeatedly ignored the information I provided you with to show that your claim is a false one.

I gave you a link explaining the alchemical meaning of the symbol and you insist on ignoring it due to your stubbornness. Here is another link that illustrates that your assumption is incorrect:

[link to fma.wikia.com]

In Alchemy, the Flamel represents the 'fixing of the volatile', a vital step in the alchemical opus process, relating to the making of the mercury's elixir and of curative processes.

It was created by a FRENCH ALCHEMIST... Not the illuminati, not by christian-haters, but an ALCHEMIST symbolizing the transmutation process....

[link to www.alchemylab.com]

Nicolas Flamel had acquired some knowledge of the Hermetic art. The ancient alchemy of the Egyptians and the Greeks that flourished among the Arabs had, thanks to them, penetrated to Christian countries. Nicolas Flamel did not, of course, regard alchemy as a mere vulgar search for the means of making gold. For every exalted mind the finding of the Philosopher's Stone was the finding of the essential secret of Nature, the secret of her unity and her laws, the possession of perfect wisdom. Flamel dreamed of sharing in this wisdom.

The symbol has ESOTERIC meaning but keep subscribing to your false assumption and the delusions of persecution if it floats your boat.




Alchemy is very tied with occult. From a Christian perspective it's utter blasphemy, cause serpent represents Satan. Showing that serpent is crucified and forms question mark is from my perspective blasphemous.

yeah, believe those occultists. Like I said already, occult means hidden. Before Jesus, there wasn't such symbolism. For them snake is a savior, giving them knowledge, for Christian he is Satan, who tempted us and lied. If you are into occult, good for you, play with your magic. But for me, it is just wrong and insulting my faith.
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