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Message Subject Insane Illuminati Message During MLB Game (Live TV) Must See!
Poster Handle Papakrok
Post Content
Wow!! BIZARRE "coded message" appeared during a MLB game on live tv FULL of Illuminati/esoteric imagery. The veil is being lifted.

[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to youtu.be]
 Quoting: WOW! Blatant much??? 7667282

[link to www.tumblr.com]

Word is that it's a page of tattoo patterns. Here's a tumblr link to it and more. I'm not getting an authentic occult vibe, just somebody screwing around at the station most likely. They are just symbols. Symbols are tools.

In the occult theology, symbols hold only as much powere as they are given. If it elicits a response from you, it is a viable tool for shifting your paradigm and, consequently, your thought processes.

It doesn't hold energy unless you allow it to. Chaotes understand this and are adept at using your symbols to modify your thoughts and behavior. If a pentacle freaks you out, a pentacle will be used to create a response. Same with any of the symbols on that page. They are just marks on paper until you assign meaning to them.

If you have strong emotion centered around a picture of PAC man, for example, the image can be used to elicit an emotional response and can be directed to a specific, desired outcome. It is science and behavioralism, frankly. Less magic, more behavior mod. Basic Skinnerism.

True Chaotes will not adhere to dogmatic form, but will use existing cultural symbols and forms to shift and mold perception. Don't fall for it. Satan isn't coming for you. Tptb are masters at finding your hot button and mashing it. Hey are masters at dividing and conquering.

If satan freaks you out, images associated with traditional satanism will be used to invoke feelings of fear and panic. Atheists and agnostics would be jolted, equally, by visions of a fundamental Christian state, or a Muslim based law and order regime. Scary shit. The fear is the vehicle for change. Te symbols don't matter to them.

There are occult groups and solitary Chaotes working against them using these symbols to unite and strengthen humanity as well. Te symbols of Christianity are being used, by them, to elicit the same response in other non-Christian cultures. Be aware of they. The symbols don't hold power. The cultural constructs surrounding the symbols do.

One mans star is another mans pentacle. It's all perception.

It's hard to determine the source or the agenda of this particular incident, but it does not appear to be from the establishment. They like to hide things in plain sight, not post it blatantly.
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