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Message Subject Illuminati Symbols appear on TV during Baseball game on TV Last night! WTF!? Anyone else see it!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i was thinking of a baseball diamond while noticing it on tv then a guy at this hostel said he was here to play baseball but didnt get signed or something. Why do they even call it a diamond anyways it{s not even shaped like one. A diamond is a symbol of Erin Z the river of judgement woman woman. She{s a real woman in this reality game and apparently went in an abomination scripted relationship with a guy then had art done on their faces to look like vampires/bats.. baseball. It{s not funny because this woman actually exists and because of demonic christianity and the jesus/joshua/yesus collective her existance has been forced amongst them. There is truly some disturbing high tech stuff going on with this world and once you realise it and experience it modern day crap seems lame. This place truly is employing high tech means to force people to like them and into relationships of people unaware of their identities. Like Chris B, Erin Z, and leah S

To hell with you all I say. Actually if you look at the way north america is drawn out and connect the dots with lakes of the mask that is drawn as canada in a perspective it says HLL or hell just as much of the islands and land are drawn as feet and heel/hell. This entire continent is drawn out to say in plain site this place is no choice in existance scripted HELL. You may get a good life or bad but something out there is truly defiling the flesh of important identities and everything to do with love on this continent.

True story. NORTH AMERICA is a scripted hell land where you life and existance is mostly boring and pathetic way of existance of hurting you subtly and slow over years and destroying everything about your existances. TRUE STORY!!! Certain people were actually designed and created for demented stories on this planet and about abusing and raping them. No kidding once you notice you{ll kind of start hating many many many other people as life should not be like this
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