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Message Subject Illuminati Symbols appear on TV during Baseball game on TV Last night! WTF!? Anyone else see it!
Poster Handle thetruthrover
Post Content
This is a hoax. I can't believe nobody else has realized this. The only reason i'm so upset by this is that a 'friend' of mine on youtube actually made an 8 minute video about how upset these images make him and believes that this actually happened.[youtube]

People searching for the group of images located this exact picture at a tattoo website.

People should instead try to find one other person who has posted this 'subliminal' image. there are none that i have been able to find.

I first saw the video on youtube, by a user named 'Amerishama2012' and after searching online, ended up at godlikeproductions.com only to find the same video with the same annoying idiot talking through the whole thing. And conveniently enough, this guy doesn't have the video anymore either.

The video is obviously a forgery. The broadcasters were talking about something else that was going on in the stadium. That is why what they say doesn't really seem to fit in with what supposedly happened. "I don't know what that means...Apparently the baseball gods do" That isn't the kind of thing someone would say if an image like that popped up on the screen. Which brings me to my main problem with the video.

The broadcasters would not have seen the image anyway. They were watching the game live, in the stadium. They weren't watching the filtered t.v. version of the game.

Wake up people!
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