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Nazi's vs Alien Abduction

hermetic vibration
User ID: 22611250
United States
06/27/2013 02:52 PM
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Nazi's vs Alien Abduction
On a scale of weirdness and complete lower vibration. I would say, one of the worst places to find your soul transported, is into a realm with nazi storm troopers, concentration death camps, and human experiments where torture is the norm.

The opposite end of the spectrum, but at the same degree of weirdness, you could experience alien abductions and other paranormal manifestation. Whenever THEY (illuminati) charge their energy strong enough to perform death ritual like the hitler agenda -the appearance of very weird shit like aliens and ufos will enter into mass consciousness disrupting their(illuminati) charged energy field.

so, they bring genocide on us, the universe will answer back and make them experience the phenom of abduction.

I call this -the UFO factor. It's what the illuminati is scared to talk about. Whenever they think they have total control, BAM aliens.

I know this may sound weird and childish to sum, but it really does make sense.