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Message Subject Why is anyone surprised that illuminati symbols are showing up everywhere?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thread: THE ULTIMATE GLP EFFECT: 'Conspiritards Go Mainstream'

I told you this would happen...

TV shows about conspiracy theories have been on for a few years now. The truth has been told through the entertainment industry since at least 1976:
[link to www.imdb.com] But I'm willing to bet a lot of you hadn't heard of that.

Now it's 2013, the niche conspiracy audience has been noted by the corporations, and recognized as a 'have-to-deal-with' situation. It has been dealt with by commercializing/bringing the matter "mainstream". We're seeing the final stages of this process.

In short, the gig is up. The period of leisurely surfing real info about the origins of the "secret rulers" is over. That ship has fucking sailed, and if you were on it, good job buddy. Now there's an influx of people who don't really have what it takes to deal with the truth, nor should they. They're just drawn to the glow. They're being led to your doorstep because some asshole was like "Hey, free candy over here!"

You have to move on from the basic knowledge of symbolism now... move beyond and really see the big picture. Life is your oyster. You know the truth... for real know it. Now, you simply must do...

 Quoting: Mister Obvious

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