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Message Subject Why is anyone surprised that illuminati symbols are showing up everywhere?
Poster Handle darkwolf007
Post Content
Oh I'm not surprised at all, Mister Obvious. Instead I'm filled with glee knowing that these more blatantly obvious signs of Illuminati, Freemason, and Magickal symbols showing up here and there here in real life. I'm filled with glee because it means that all of the truths are coming out, regardless how horrifying these "new" truths are. I think most horrifying truth by far so far that's come to Light is that Sky Net is real and it's just as malicious if not more so than it's Terminator series counterpart. It also seems to me as if all of those who grew up being told that Magick doesn't exist yet with these Magickal symbols, regardless of Element they belong to, keep cropping up are terrifying those who refuse to believe in Magick's existence. Magick never truly left us. It was only largely forgotten and so intensely hated against for so very long. With these truths coming out, I'm sincerely hoping that in time other intelligent people will start to appreciate the Tool Set that God Himself gave us to reshape the Universe as we see fit and even start using one or more Tools of that Set to help make Life better for us all.
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