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Message Subject Was this Obama 'hot mic' a fake or real?
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
The real issues that anyone living at this moment needs to be discussing is coming to the realisation that they are not who society has portrayed them to be. They are not their names, not their positions, titles etc.

We speak in language we didn't create but given to us by society. We have absolutely no clue words mean what they supposedly mean other than the fact that society reinforces these words and we agree to believe in the program. Everything you have come to believe the world is, is simply based on the fact that people were programmed and indeed agree to believe in memes or codes of this program. Would you be speaking in English had you been born in Iraq? Would you take up the identity of an Iraq if you were?

What I am saying in essence is that you need to return back to your origins and try to find out who you are on a soul level as if it is your first day on this planet. No politician, even Ron Paul, attempts to arouse this curiosity in you. They all want to go forward and in bondage but not look back. When I say look back, I mean looking at your true origins. They all strive to maintain the status quo, whatever status quo that is at any point in history e.g. gold standard etc. People did use these gold standards at some point in history but why are we here back to square one? Some will say corruption, but what guarantee have you got that this script wont replay itself 200 years from now? None of these things they propose actually touch on your Origins and there is no solution in whatever they propose to you. Obama, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Harry Reid etc are all in on the game just playing different sides. Heck, even Putin is on their side. Most people don't realise this.

If you wish to go round and round in circles or perhaps continue being told what to think and believe, then by all means continue listening to them. The reason why the planet is the way it is at this point in time is because an avenue is opening that will allow people to get in touch with their soul origin. The geopolitical agendas are being designed to confuse and divert your attention away from the changes you are to have within. They will stage wars, false flags, collapse etc. in the times ahead to make you cling unto this reality. You need to learn to let go when that time comes.
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