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Message Subject Obama's MILITARY PURGE
Poster Handle LT Prepper
Post Content
A buddy of mine is ST-5, He confirmed he was three hours out from benghazi (that means briefed, geared up, and shipped- arrival)

They were waiting. and asking. and waiting. NOTHING.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39616308


you should ask him if he knows what happened? my guess is that they all knew and were watching via drone footage and chose to do nothing. this administration is full of cowards and skeletons in the closet
 Quoting: SteamrolledGobias

I did, Unfortunately if you're ST enlisted, you take orders, and don't know extensively what's going on (need to know basis) all he told me was they were told they couldn't gear up, and they were never briefed on the situation. They just heard there was an attack on the "consulate"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39616308

Very similar story here - a friend was "on the ramp" ready for deployment that night in Italy - abt 2 hours away. They heard bits and pieces, asked lots of questions, and got a solid wall of "we'll go when we get clearance to go".

Three days later they got a "mandatory briefing" instructing them not to discuss the events at all, ever, under any circumstances. They were told point blank - "accidents are acceptable, but any disclosure is not."
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