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Message Subject Obama's MILITARY PURGE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Clinton started promoting gays and socialists in the ranks, then started pushing Christians and anti-UN people out.
Bush promoted only loyalists to the administration who would willingly betray the Constitution.u
Obama fires patriots and anyone who holds the Constitution over personal loyalty to him.

All the good guys are gone in the upper ranks. There may be a few left but most have been purged. These events happen to determine who in the upper ranks will not do the will of Obama. THAT is what benghazi was truly about, not some made up diplomat who was really CIA. Nor was it over trading hostages. It was a litmus test for the field commanders. Think about it - which is more important? Those upper commanders are by miles.
They don't care about public appeal or support anymore which is yet another indicator there isn't much time left before they go for broke. How they do it; economic collapes, engineered war or domestic crisis, biological attack, racial unrest - all remain as viable options. I think it will either be a monetary crisis or pandemic they will use to play out the endgame.
Time is short, make your preps, keep your family close and treasure freedom and the Constitution. They're the only things worth fighting for.
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