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Message Subject Obama's MILITARY PURGE
Poster Handle LT Prepper
Post Content
It's really fucking sad. I am not one to support the military industrial complex. I think it is full of corruption and bureaucracy. At it's core though, the military is made of good people and good leadership. At least it used to be...

Before I take flak, I will say that in combat zones a lot of fucked up shit happens, and there are some bad people in the military who make it happen. These are the exceptions though.
 Quoting: CharlieMurphy

Yea youre right. But dont get too down on them. There are still (for now) a lot of soldiers that are loyal to countrymen. Honor still means something to any vet that has been on that field. I did things i will take to my grave. You just are different in combat. But i would also go to my grave defending any innocent civilians in this country. They can try to take weapons or ammo. But stock up a little. It only takes 2 for the double tap and one well placed shot can do the trick from a distance.
 Quoting: malfunkshun007

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ T H I S ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

There are many of us, and we are experienced in combat. If they try to take personal property or to lock up Americans, they're going to have one hell of a fight on their hands - because we are *not* going to allow it.
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