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Message Subject Obama's Arrest
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What do you all think of this?

 Quoting: happywreniam

America has been subverted by evil doers.

Unfortunately they are not done yet.

The question is what can the international community do about it?

For those watching from ignorance, comes bliss.

For the rest of us with eyes wired open comes even more horror.

Such is the disease of 'Open Socialism'.

TPTB Ignore the Constitution's limits on there power!

Freedom of speech?

Freedom to protect one's person & property?


Property Rights?

Is Taxation just enslavement?

How did we forget things like:

The Right to exist as defined by god?

Due Process?

Habaes Corpus?

Are these principal values deserving of all humanity?

Who exactly will be held responsible for these Crimes Against Humanity?

Who will benefit from such punishments?

Is this the real agenda behind Tyrannical Carbon Taxes?

Where is the true hope?

Enter the day of the Phoenix.
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