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Message Subject BREAKING: Ecuador's president to Obama.: Don't threaten us on Snowden case. Balls developing....
Poster Handle Damrod
Post Content
People respect Putin.

Intellect, brains, brawn. The Man of Steel.

Obama can't find his birth certificate, lies, steals, cheats and is some disgusting scrawny Jewish Mulatto sub human half breed.

America - you are a fucking joke!
 Quoting: The Keyling 1483106

Most in America hate Obama, we didn't vote for him, don't respect him and realize he is put in place to destroy our country.

Please don't judge the average American because of what you hear in the MSM. We (majority) are not like that at all!

The United States has been set up for a fall and we are along for the ride and have absolutely no say and no where to turn.

If people in every other country would have protests against the U.S. Goverment and Obama administration it would have profound implications imo.
What is being done in the US right now will effect every single person on this planet. Everyone should be outraged at this countries guberment!

You are right though, we are a cosmic joke.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26447781

Explain me how most of US citizens hate Obama and didn't vote for him but he actually wins the election?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41052716

Modern USA elections are a farce....they are a distraction to make the people think they have a choice...they don't.

it's a "selection"...not an election.

I voted Libertarian as did tons of other people...but they keep saying that gary Johnson didn't get the percentages he needed to publicly fund the Libertarian party in 2016...I call bullshit on that...

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